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taken, it does not seem impossible that we can arrive

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as would inspire the reader with confidence that the cultures with which

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cases. But in the next four years from November 1885,

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10 A.M. Turpentine 15 minims every four hours was now

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He has used it principally in mitral and aortic regurgitation, in which it

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in hia paper of Braraho Somaj and Native Christian girls were

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in every case, it was found to be in various stages of

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death, and, excepting the pleura covering it at the point of rupture,

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tonsil. Tumor of rapid growth, spreading to right tonsil and abdominal

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apparently conclusive from a superficial point of view

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project at the beginning before the people whom they wish to

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September 1888 a statement was furnished by the Senior

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vig., 1 in 300 ; while the ratio amongst natives is

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able to my countrymen in India. My object is simply

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enough, at all events, to allow of their being transported

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infantile liver. In the following year I was able to

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then, on or about the twenty-first day. In the fatal

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total of the successful operations performed, which

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Discussion of the vexed question between classical and scientific

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(3) . Make a culture in oi'dinary alkaline beef broth

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thing to begin with. It is of the utmost importance

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oedema of subcutaneous tissues is observed, if the punc-

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municable by contact with articles in use in an infected

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From a review of the etiology, symptoms, and post-mortem appear-

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in each village, as though it had spread from distinct

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armies during their brilliant campaigns, organized his

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country. At the present time every post brings to the

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63*6 square inches, is equivalent to 591,750 gallons an

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together with the condition of the patient and his eye,

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his paper on the subject of beri-l^eri, gives his views

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Dr. Haas considers the action of strophanthus to be one which diminishes

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weiglit required was a small one, one or two drams, or there-

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