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the disease, but they proved to be the so-called " mast-cells." Numerous
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Certainly, in many instances, the latter is found to be the case, as, e. g.,
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which may then be removed with a chain-saw in its continuity, or with
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class water is more than doubtful. In other localities,
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cases, except two, and in these it occurred only shortly
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is often done with the Graefe's knife, introduce the blade parallel to
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took back with them to Hunza and Nagar the germs of
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vened, and the dinner hour was long past before the
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Long waiting, in some cases for months, certainly gives
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average recumbent posture, the head must be continued to be extended from
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attacks of vertigo are always produced under the asthmatic influence, and the
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was suddenly seized with severe pains in the right side of the abdomen.
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graphie (January, February, March, April, May, July, and September, 1888),
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their distance from each other measured either with the pelvimeter or a
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Many instances of poisoning produced by taking quack
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the cremation of all corpses of those who have died from
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set in, the liver gradually contracted, and the little
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occur in four cases. One patient has eczema. Constip-
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in the Niger expedition agree with those narrated by
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to the neuroses or functional affections of the nervous system, and is not
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branches as usual : one of these, the innominate, went to the left
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the five years, 1876 to 1880, 11 deaths from accidental
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that it might be safely said that the bulk of the remittent
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tarians, and accustomed to live on the minimum amount
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mined to trephine as afliording the only chance of saving his
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opposition. Much of it is sentimental, much unreal,
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better state of health, permitting of more steady labour,
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leprosy do not come under observation sufficiently early.
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cleanliui ss is neglected other preservations will avail very

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