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the technique should alone prevent the surgeon from performing a radical

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be entirely sufficient when strictly followed to ensure

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previously observed. On the other hand, all slight wounds

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the usual dressing applied. One hypodermic injection of

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naturally I am brought, among other kindred subjects,

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sufiPering. The male relations, too, partly from tender

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section was fully completed, the tubera ischii also

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article of diet for infants. There is no question about

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of air to the hills sometimes did good, but he knew of cases

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phlets. It also includes 9,999 subject titles of separate books and pam-

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intendent of Dairies in the Punjab tells me : " A bam-

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few scattering forms. Pure cultures in large numbers of streptococci in

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acknowledge my obligations to Dr. Jenkins for having first directed my

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their condition is improved. — Centralhlatt fiir den medicinischen Wissenschaften^

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Ice is a remedy which is becoming every day more and

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from the ordinary course as to embarrass medical prac-

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Antifebrin always produced free perspiration, but after

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horror. The calf was shaved and vaccinated in five points

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to have occurred unusually late, namely, the 13th day ;

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and assistants, each and all assigned sanitary, in addition to

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are most useful, followed later b}' bismuth with Dover's powder.

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exercise, for it is this liability to chill and this careless-

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apophysis was sclerosed in three cases. In one case a portion of the cochlea

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been associated with just such cases. It is probable that in these pelves

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disease of the Jiver and ascites, Britjht's disease or

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men, equally indifferent to the perils of battle, the

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accumulation of globulins from mal-nutrition and non-

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belonging to this Government, where, in your opinion,

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tongue; then croup followed, with death in five days. Autopsy, two

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safer, and the point to be determined is where the line should be drawn

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was used ; in each village twenty adults and twenty

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to use the results of chemical analysis for statistical

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land to-day did not always exist. It has taken many

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