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good, the time of year, time of arrival in England or
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In the course of an article on the " Respiratory Vasomotor Neuroses "
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after the heavy fall of rain in the hills and elsewhere
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It is thus very apparent that very close and constant
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orbital region, accompanied by symptoms of compression.
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conclude that it is the Udumbra Kusta of the old native writers,
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usually early and severe. The force crossed the passes
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sanitary defects and ways and means for meeting this
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diabetic brother and not of diabetic parents. In two
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insanity. Gorget, a famous writer, describes certain
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high rank, in whom it proved rapidly fatal. In August
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symphysial angle the best result is attained, the sum of all errors in the
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tines, with escape of thin faacal matter into the peri-
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coagulation as a physiological one, and it is always treated of in the
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of the bladder. This protrusion, again, is the dii-ect
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mucous membranes, and it is only exposure to injuries,
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A list is given of officers and privates who were in
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nising the merits of the perineal method in certain cases. The
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and resembled the glandular tissue of this region much hypertrophied.
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by a platform with flagstone paving, and the surplus aad
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some cases, at the time of operation it falls behind the
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8. The advice, therefore, to Grovernment before the
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will not be a safe criterion, and reliance will have to be placed upon the
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of white arsenic is made into a paste with flour, oil or
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stances of rest and mental quiet, the pulse will in
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attention and been the subject of serious thought in the
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ditis, retinitis pigmentosa, diseased vitreoiis or other
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once or at six months' notice on the occurrence of a
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here a disease which, if not yaws (Frambcesia), bears
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complaints of weakness ami pariesthesia of the legs.
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man, we both came to the conclusion — erroneous as

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