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the benefits to be derived from vaccination and offering
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clear what the term modified typhoid fever means. It
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constipated ; no enlargement of spleen or liver ; breathing
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entering, among other things, number and nature of sick (with
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be explained by the mechanical theory, and specially
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tainly much contracted.'^ It seems evident that this measurement can-
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After repeated testing of the resorcin sugar test, the author concludes that in
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missioners. Were Bengal alone provided with the same
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poisoned, there is a very great resemblance between
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Cases 2, 3 and 4 were in thi'ee adult Hindu females,
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the heart was 1.5 cm. above the nipple in the left mammary line. On
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this case which occurred at Bunji at an altitude of
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internal, very frequently, but not always, indicates disease of the nuclei
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D. left Pondicherry always progressing and having regained his
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of the same cultures into non-pregnant rabbits produced
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seasons is due to obscure climatic, meteorological and
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These two stage?, from the fighting-line to the collect-
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were no Europeans, but abortions were frequent among
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fibrinogen mentioned earlier in this paper. This is
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Doderlein of Leipzig('"Centralblatt fur Gynakologie,"
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established in them a grave predisposition to sclerosis." The morphological
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says: "Neither in the death sides of Worth or Rezarville,
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Bom\)ay proper only 14 per cent., in Sind 17 per cent.,
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abortive fever of only fourteen days duration has often
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given with perfect safety to those patients who are liable to these re-
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or old ; but being diffident in his opinion when asked
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to the tropics, I should like to draw attention to the
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give the preference are creasote and alcohol, equal parts, to which I also fre-
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AfiitDDis, A., Surgu. -Major, i.m.s-, m.d, & m.cLl,
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is the name given to the same affection by th.6 Dutch
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filarise in his blood. He suffered from frequent and
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Examiner's report may serve to demonstrate the nature

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