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These two stage?, from the fighting-line to the collect-
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state of pharmacology, Brunton's treatise is regarded as holding the first
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blood from his elbow joint. In September 1893 1 estimat-
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excess of the total previously recorded for all India,
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additional proof of the absence of any hysterical element in her case. The
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stained with Loeffler's alkaline methylene-blue solution, some by Gram's
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posal of the excreta of enteric patients is allowed to
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blue stain, which may also be pitted or cicatrized. In
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Pharmacopma. These suggestions are embodied in tlie
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from fevers is stated to be enormous. No doubt it is,
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parenchymatous degeneration of kidney ; extensive umbilical ])hlegmon
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of autopsies show that there is no evidence of cerebral
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tube and the discharge of contents is into the abdomen — intra-peritoneal.
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speak, for various reasons of the numerous palliative
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of the scoop, and thus delivered from the eye with tha
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sanitary reforms. He believed also that the combination of
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of climate. This disease is more frequent in Calcutta
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there is absolutely no difference at all in the result,
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larger air-space, and strict measvires for cleanliness and
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the present edition, and the result is seen in a large volume containing
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been minutely described by their supporters and their
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system in a previously healthy and temperate man, free from syphilis,
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{(/) The deeD ulcerative and destructive phase of th^
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Sir Spencer Wells reported {Ibid.) a case of abscess of the lung operated
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notice of Government thiit the expt'rience of the Ciiemical Exa-
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some point below the original injury. The steady flow of urine of low
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ciple, ought to be cured like all his works by washings
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ed — called the "done" calves — are kept for a week
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others, friction by two pieces of dhoob grass directed
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book fully justified the most sanguine expectations, and that the masterly

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