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follows : He begins to feel hot, without any shivering
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woimded from the field of battle and rendering front
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oxalic acid) ; and, as Hunter has shown, greatly increas-
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any kind directly traceable to the injury occurred.
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eighth day : she had given birth to a child a month before ad-
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cholera microbe was also in this' case no longer to be
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It is easy to understand, and it is consistent with experience in opera-
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as the result is concerned, the patient invariably having"
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smaller bloodvessels. That form of diphtheria, on the other hand, in
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dian representative in the metropolis, W. Lawford, " thought the nuclei
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it keeps away or removes from wounds every source of
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of some special impulse. Take, for example, the case of poliomyelitis
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at the Hyderabad Head- Quarters Hospital, performed
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fourteen days the fluid reaccumulated. • An exploratory puncture showed
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ject in a most instructive manner. His conservative views are based
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some amount of sodic chloride, and animal food con-
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around and underneath the edge of the trepliine opening caused
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to be sent away. Never once have I found that it has
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pains in them; loss of the patellar-tendon reflex; insensitiveness of both
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wlio maintain that the salts of strychnia possess curative
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uterus as high as the neoplasm, which he removes piecemeal, according to
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essential of a malarial fever, viz., its periodic character.
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Profound depression of the system, persistently siib-
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fact*, to conceive how, given a soil containing the
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ment, are but slightly improved. One case I reserved
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rarely) than in the ordinary European official living
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'I'hat persons desiring to import arsenic into the toun-
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finds that when the red color does not appear, the other reactions for hydro-
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fact that good drinking water is scarcely obtainable in
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ing is ofter rather low. But before any substantive
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it must be borne in mind that 30,000 to 40,000 of these

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