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his chest, attended with considerable dyspnoea. A physician was at once
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are, no doubt, cheap ; but unless a very strict supervision
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Sundarimohan DasĀ» (Calcutta) said that the above papers
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dressings soaked and changed. 8 p.m., pulse 72, full and regular-
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appointment he eeeks. Licensed vaccinators are not,
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such symptoms. Without these symptoms no cases have any
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hangs in the balance. As regards the swords, common-
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The Dissemination of Tubercle Bacilli outside the Body. By
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seven teats. A medical friend has furnished me with particulars of a
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become polluted with the cholera organism, and it is
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particularly sensitive) having brown crusts, break out
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of the Mayo Hospital, where they came for complaints
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epiglottis instantly, irresistibly, and inevitably moves upward exactly in
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fevers, what little I have of them has not impressed me
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4. At a later period, the portal sheaths are affected
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four hours iifter a necond dose of 15 minims of tincture of opium.
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between a |^th and a |th of an inch in length was seen
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for temperate zone the ratio is 1-31 per 1,000. These
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tion of a cholera epidemic. In this I must disappoint
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ysis supervened, and brought the patient to seek aid one year from the initial
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former resident in Broad Street, who had retired to
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The signs of eff'usion persisted and the heart beat could be seen in the
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(2) . Inoculate into sterilised milk* and maintain at
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lotion 1 to 20, quinine, morphine, diaphoretics, san-
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clinical difference between a simple flat pelvis and a generally con-
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changes in the uterus or ovaries." The context to this, while it may
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menorrhagia and uterine troubles generally. Within halt
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convulsions, which were of a distinctly clonic character. No
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abscess is difficult. Stewart, in the discussion, said that the diagnosis could
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the ear the patient says contains it. It has happened that the patient, in his
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mentioned the objections to the Assistant Surgeon carrying out

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