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tion, and, till three weeks ago, she has been able to walk about and

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brains may be deficient in some way, as it is generally

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symptoms as well as exert a toxic action, though their occurrence is excep-

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invariably goes up again. In others it brings in vomit-

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over the country on account of its Ijeing harmless. It

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skull, only if there are definite symptoms of cerebral mischief.

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nervous symptoms are peculiar. There is great frontal

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disease, and a still larger number has been reported by others. Desquamation

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laid in some of the carriers, but they soon get disjilaced

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In twenty-four to forty-eight hours this gluten bread becomes more doughy,

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Barbtris aristata {Rasaut). — The extract of the root

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trophic changes are seen, consisting chiefly in a greater or less degree of

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plates and three hundred and sixty-one engravings on wood. 8vo. pp.

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by Victor Horsley's experiments on the mode of death

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discovered, however, that a few days before the change in the symptoms had

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and then by high fever, meteorism, and tenderness in the ilio-csecal region.

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as futile as a preventive treatment is likely to be success-

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our existing system twenty-four hours' imprisonment

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it is once established in the system, is likely to be

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20.5 cm. (8.07 inches) if taken during life, or 18.8 cm. if taken in the

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reaction of degeneration ; a decided quantitative diminution in extensor

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as they appeared, were similiarly treated, and in this manner the disease was

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metropolis, and 5-1 in the rest of England ; and in

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heard. Some one found a skeleton hy the roadside, not

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series of cases which I think, and trust, will be found to

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they were occurrences of to-day. I contend, however,

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That youth and recent arrival in India are concomit-

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In the first place I think we should try to lessen the

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for his family, to enter into some concerns of a private

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" In regard to the relative polluting effect of sewage from

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and nervous debility encourage congestion of the organs.

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tained, suicide is less frequent in India than in England.

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