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a miniature seed ? He believed it accounted for tlie bad

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the plaster or pad and bandage and the eye is lost. I

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be unfit for drinking ; at the same time, failure to

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six died. The results so far has not been satisfactory.

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among the peasantry, but also of the treatment which

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. he does not discover the burn on his hand until he

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age, was brought to the Mardan Hospital on the 13th

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some cases drowsiness and sleepiness." Among causes,

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became affected. About three weeks ago he noticed swell-

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be acquainted with the symptoms of the different diseases

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appearances are completely destroyed ; and consequent-

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of the enquiry into the sanitary aspect of sewage farming

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(3.) Sections and cross-sections have not, at least

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he was then able to walk perfectly even on hills, and

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rate on the aggregate population residents during those seven

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It is a remarkable fact noticed even by the lay members

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for the eyes with a pledget of cotton wool. When this

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and hospital accommodation, we may disarm pilgrimages

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completely the os uteri. The introducer is taken out

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Of those that came in contact with the sick in hos-

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were being severely water-logged, and that, in conse-

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and the whole of the left was congested, and portion

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in the country. He also is careful to admit that " it

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T • • • \ Solution of citric acid scented with

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or rapidly, so that morbid effects are easily engendered

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from the ulcerated tissue and found bacilli in their deeper portions. The

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that peculiar lion-like appearance, the ears, the back

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(Na'^^l) in solvition in the body, an exchange takes place

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tant Surgeons in the medical branch, the higher grad-

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be set aside until in the light of new and rapidly accumulating facts

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taneous occurrence of these necessarily constitutes diphtheria.

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so as to be out of the axis of vision, but being fibrous

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and the conjunctivae become bile-staiued. The onset

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