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feet, or in some cases the upper limbs, or even general
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attended with sub-acute inflammation, and the patients suffer much
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Dr. Costello as holding the same view, thoxigh it is
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recuperative energy, the expression of face and eyes after their use, and
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after an attack of remittent fever, and then became a con-
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Regarding the prophylaxis against scarlatina, the two questions arise — whether
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loss of its activity ; (h) its " ichorous " look (c) its
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was only the result of acute inflammation becomes organized tissue.
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the birth of a living child, and moreover the bruising of the
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paraplegia directly resulting from typhoid fever and still ending in com-
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been complicated by the necessity' of performing opera-
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or, what is more frequent, externally. They differ from cases of rup-
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should be especially attributed, I would answer ''he
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Supernumerary nipples in a woman. (After Liciite.vstkkn.)
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greater force to those other fevers of which we really
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morbid process begins, it will be found that No. 5 is of
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were commonly experienced, and discoloration of the
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syphilis or a disease stii generis. Alibert was the first
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says it occurs "a prcs constamment.'^ It has always
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offer no more than ordinary resistance, they bavin o-
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dages from the uterus ; but it is a surgical procedure by which we aim
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considered this case either an exceptional manifestation
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they got down the hills, and have been better, in spite
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regiment was found to be in possession of some medici-
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128, several of them refused to accej^t the conditions,
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If a pure motor depressant is indicated, there is no doubt that hyos-
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(who are not regarded as pilgrims in the usual sense of the term),
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r/ola disease, the following being the history of the
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use a .-top speculum. The section made by a Graefe's
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6. Never omit general measures for the restoration of the health,
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Progress. — 4 p.m., temperature 99-4, pulse 140, respirations 28)
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Kidneys. — Tlie riglit kidney was opposite tlie 3rd, 4tli and 5tli

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