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professional reports were too highly colored they must

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factory, as statistics on the phenomena of recidivism

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the above-mentioned precautions fail is laparotomy justified.

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scious from loss of blood that it was unnecessary to give

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The effect of these regulations may be judged by a consider-

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the wounded as rapidly us possible to the collecting and dressing

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osseous, at least as firmly fibrous tis can be obtained. And undoubtedly

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Dysphagia, hemiplegia of right side, affected speech, and delirium super-

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ally. In the cold Aveather blankets were issued, and

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and cantonments, such as Agra, Luoknow, Meerut, that

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In Miiy 1891 a series of washings up to fifty only procured

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years after operation. He pointed out that this special procedure

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The results obtained by Cornet are in hopeful opposition to the idea

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to preserve until something better in their place had

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The cyst cavity was found to be fidl of a foul sup-

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power of general public opinion in these days, will,

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certain antiseptic action, its harmlessness, and the slight irritation which it

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able collection of serous flviid, and the substance of the

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Prisons, Punjab, to ask me to enquire iuto the sickness

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When mankind has been converted to Miss Cobbe's new

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ment to the appearance of the place, and I have not

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from Kashmir. In tkree out of the four years pleurc-

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retain the bacteria. Hero quantitative bacteriological

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toms, and optic neuritis, operation was refused Coma

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among us are remarkably ignorant regarding the drugs

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tidotes, but, in spite of this, I do not feel disposed to

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pathological conditions." Acquired anteflexion is touched upon rather

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was as large as a walnut, and completely surrounded, without involving, the

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portal circulation so interferes with the nutrition of the

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limit be fixed at twenty grains, is the opium-eater, whose

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the cases I shall relate presently, the frequency of these

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range is given only in one of the Madras reports and

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from acute agonizing pain in the left ovarian region.

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anaesthesia, and the children perished— a history which

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