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a rope above a boiling flood of snow water low down
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the autobiography in question is the fons et origo of
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ipecacuanha and liquor ammonise ; but it is doubtful,
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often secreted pus freely ; when healed, the skin covering them was often
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that the ulceration left by a blister, instead of healing
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was very little or not at all disturbed. This result is striking, since von
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principle enunciated for the guidance of the Sanitary-
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as follow : — Some 15 minutes after first eating the herb
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and a bifid nipple have been recorded. Such are not reversions.
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(a) The natm'e of the cataract. If fluid or cortical,
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puerperal fever particularly, this natural tendency is
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1 In two, owing to an oversight, the symphysis was not measured.
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1,200 feet above the sea, lies in a valley through which
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Memoirs by Medical Officers. India; Editorial on " Cholera and
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the measurement, and these require minute attention.
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who had seen him earlier, to be sufEering from double pneumonia.
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with wliom the general comoaunity are less concerned,
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darkish colour and poor in plasma. Examination under
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Case II. — A boy, aged eleven years, fell from a tree and sustained a
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amount put on the Black Town Farm, or more than twice
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to Naini Tal. There he improved and he was able to resume
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left, during the period of the year most favourable for
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of 11 millimetres. Professor Delorme has discovered
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modern science and with improved technical facilities, on a number
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stated ; a low bloodvessel vitality seems to be the immediate cause.
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and holds that the presence of albumin is a positive contra-indication for the
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in this country. Dr. Mitra deserved much praise for the trouble
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ble. Michaelis used the left arm, in order to have his right hand free,
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a pure culture of this form of the parasite. In the Other case

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