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that she had noticed nothing wrong until about eighteen

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whose low cunning is mistaken for intelligence, and in-

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tunity to correct, in an article written under the inspiration of the great

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at artificial maturation can be considered justifiable.

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cranny in the joint. 2. Absolutely complete removal of all disease, scraping

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Once the disease made its appearance, it was a wonder

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less. In Indian fevers they are useful, inasmuch as

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exterDal splints, and by preserving immobility to restrain the outcrop of

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bringing the mule medical panniers to the base hospital,

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prices are high and work difficult to get. As soon as

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there is absolutely nothing to distinguish the unhealthy

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ripe figs, there is burning sensation, the parts sup-

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by Assistant Surgeons and Civil Hospital Assistants, the

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accumulated evidence to show that typhus is endemic

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ease, presenting in most cases a more or less characteristic local lesion

is there a generic drug for avodart generic

the eye as it passed through it. In some cases the conformation of the bridge

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service and liable always to be recalled to their duty

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districts in which I have worked are concerned, this

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doses than twelve grains, and only once in eighteen or twenty-four hours, and

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the formation of a pseudo-membrane which was not evidently traumatic

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that the figures from which they are drawn are too few

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is tio reason why what applies to other constitutional

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become fully alive to the palpable advantages of vac-

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of the fair is divided into cotnbined police, medical and sani-

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Without underrating the difficulties attending the intro-

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to all. You cannot divorce it from its logical conclu-

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disease was cured. In three more cases the same inter-

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carpenter, fell a distance of six feet, striking with his right lumbar region

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— i. e., due either to chemical or mechanical injury — should be regarded

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recognised by the fragments of cortex. The composition

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Dr. Warren, after consultation, decided upon its immediate removal.

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