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Treatment of Ascites by Faradization of the Abdominal Walls.

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the potash salts of combustible acids, and these are

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blood-serum with beef-tea, peptone, grape-sugar, and salt, they grow

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from an outbreak of gola, the name given by the hill

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remembered that there are forty-seven districts of great area and

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vitreous prolapse and lacerate the posterior capsule to prevent,

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malarial fevers were 181,175 and 138'51, respectively,

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satisfactory institution ; and I would, in conclusion, strongly

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My own measurements of ten normal pelves show an average difference

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and many of the fatal results were, no doubt, due to a

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died in the terrace dirring December, and then, as at

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character to those intlieted by the French Lebel, or the

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of no drain." Dr. Armstrong, Medical Ofiicer of Health,

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found in the above case, making their appearance before the end of the third

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the various kinds of venom ere his affirmation of the

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It will thus be seen that excluding nine cases, that

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tice of Medical Jurisprudence," 3rd Edition, 1882) in-

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ninth day and an adherent loop of small intestine was separated from the

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two lateral ones, which are super-imposed at once upon a

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had that afternoon been to visit, I examined at OBce a

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simple, and serves to show how unpractical and imprac-

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tends more and more to conserve the life rather than the limb, the limb

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of value. It never has been discovered that the drug in any way caused

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In the right bronchus was about half an ounce of clotted blood, extend-

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arising from it, and also a second saccular aneurism, size of a small

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with trivial complaints, to the great loss and prejudice

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returned. Ten weeks from the onset the man left the hospital strong and well.

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pared in the proportion of one to five parts. But besides

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sion is fairly logical that those measures which have

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be prolonged, to include the rounding off of projections and filling in

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clothes and personal ablutions, or indirectly by percola-

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