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of Medicine." Then follow two chapters, on " The Origin of AVords,"

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mon form being of the muscles supplied by the peroneal or anterior tibial

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taneous occurrence of these necessarily constitutes diphtheria.

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With regard to the first question there are conflict-

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duced in a dog by the injection of a given quantity

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trg must obtain a license authorising its import, and must

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A System of Gynecology. By American Authors. Edited by Matthew D. Mann,

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was quite different from those fevers where malaria complicated

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sionally granular casts were formed. A permanent urinary fistula

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to neutralise free acid there. Now the most important

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surface which effects the cure, and not any mechanical

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(4) The average course of the fever did not appear to

para que sirve el avodart 0.5 mg

of this examination she is ill, losing more blood than ever before. She

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conceivable way. Does it extend in the proportion it

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and vitiated aii', hospital gangrene and typhus ap-

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granular cells, leucocytes, crystals of triple phosphates,

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shining brightly, it was 20° F., and at the terminal

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its lowest limit, to supply charitable institutions Avith

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inations made did not permit me to form a reliable judgment in this

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oped. The operation is comparatively easy and safe, the only danger being

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cluding injuries to the pelvic floor) ; then diseases and displacements of

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placed them, and pointed out that their great ally — education — had

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of these and other complex puerperal fevers, we require

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of the lower lobe of the same lung being in a state

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J. Chaytor White (Mirzapur) said that sepoys in the Mey-

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gonorrhoea, cj^'stitis, spermatorrhoea and fevers. It is

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fourth injection, although all signs of syphilis had not

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that au examination of all the data " is quite sufficient

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Some distinguished surgeons, among them Pagenstecker

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cavity, as the discharge from this bad an offensive sm"^ll.

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