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J. MuRRAY-GiBBES {Australian, Med. Jourti., October 15, 1888) writes again

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A notable instance of the evil effects of this practice

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of the deceased are already sufficiently explicit and are

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or very capacious, or who has washed her parts with

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into the details of his experiments, suffice it to say that they were con-

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her work and it was not thought to be of very great moment until a

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aj)ex was discovered. The sputa and scrapings from the lesions on the ear

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The bacilli of Loeffler are about as long on the average iis the bacillus

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Grravelotte on the 18th — there were in all on the ground

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very thoroughly, in a strumous abscess of the interior of that bone, and

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although I venture to maintain that oflen, as, for example, in strumous

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free access to the farms to the officers and servants

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marked Indian bones the characteristic of being arched

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a,bout iB. C. 300 or B. C. 200 to the year 1315, when

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to obtain room and good drainage by a deep posterior incision as recom-

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iliac spines will tell all that external diameters are capable of telling.

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scarlet rash, without the desquamation ; that pneumonia

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wonderful provision natvire has made for protecting

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that of granular pharyngitis, the posterior wall of the

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exercise, for it is this liability to chill and this careless-

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With the exception, perhaps, of the tract of country

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despatches and history tell but little of the reality."

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this necessary, but would forbid the parents using linen that had been in use

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J. O. Affleck {Brit. Med. Journ., Dec. 8, 1888, 1269) reports two cases of

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had reached its limit, the administration of CO2 gas

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and amongst old people wdio come to die in the Holy City

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filling up the frames a laj'er of cdrk between inner

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has been used. I have tried for 18 months past gelatine

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pump water, which was the cause of a localised outbreak

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