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but taking into account the increase of population,

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ponsible for food inspection has already passed. It is

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was turned into the rectum by means of threads con-

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ing to express the thanks that it is felt are due to Dr.

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food-stuffs on the maintenance of health, yet we do not

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globule of fat is seen within each of the cells of the

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front of the chest where " sui " was said to have been

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which are an obstacle to the extension of the sequestrum.

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right to be included under the name of beri-beri. It would be

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water at bathing ghats ; (2) the strictest attention to

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last. In others constipation may be present throughout

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Quarantine or restraint are impracticable and impos-

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Rakimnesa, a Mahomedan female, aged 30, wi»s admitted,

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of Napoleon, the world owes an incalculable debt for

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ding of the epithelium of the tubules ; the kidneys of

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pilgrims to all parts of India free of epidemic disease.

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these one for thirteen months and the others for ten

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trace of their mother's disease. Of the three children dead, one died

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his assistant. Dr. Barth, had extirpated one-half of the larynx for carcinoma,

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(oligocythsemia rubra) that is also invariably present.

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its effects upon the voice depend solely on the seat of the lesion and its special

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carriages, in which are three hundred beds, complete

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endowed with a certain amount of self-will, is born

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was no unconsciousness or other sign of compression, although

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They are of two or three lengths, and those who walk

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spection of every town and district at least once a

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arachnoid cavity both over the vertex and base. On the under

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