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The first case came under observation on 9th Decem-
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the vital functions of the liver and stomach : hence
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The floor was made of thin wood, with pretty numer-
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a percentage, as has already been mentioned, of 23*8
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assists them in their anaesthetic etfect. Witli them when
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tic lobules in malarious poisoning, though it does not
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of custom, has been furthered by the humane sympathy
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blood as early as possible after the injury. And even
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Having thus briefly considered some results of recent
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nation. He suggested a possible microbic origin from the food.
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It is well to remind ourselves occasionally of correct
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quite tense do the relaxed muscles in question beneath it become tense at all.
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fruit, usually a strawberry. Yaws in the vernacular in
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This effect is seen in Case No. 1, in which quinine was
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poisons, of which snake venom is the most important.
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infective agents. Or these causes may be latent in the
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savage, little men, and of a Mongolian caste of counte-
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cern. About July he began to notice an impediment in his speech ; the
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time very great. In villages on any but high ground
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The fragments of this stone weighed only 6oz. 3drs.,
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Jej'pur, &c., as well as those in Bengali, are never made
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may be neurotic or vascular, or trophic or osmotic, it is not electrolytic, and
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poisoning occurred or 3 5^ per million of the popula-
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more popular with ophthalmic surgeons, and promises to
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