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a general hospital, and that the cases called for special
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first case the half of the left foot, and nearly all the toes of the right, were
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writer himself), the Jewesses third and the European
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field. Of these 17'300 died at once, leaving a percentage
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colours the ground and rocks wherever surplus Sprudel
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the object of tliis paper will be furnished from an
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case 5, though the number of ducts is small, compared
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analj^st with as little delay in transit as possible.
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bone in the neighbourhood of the epiphyseal line. If
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Dr. J. Morton^ in a paper on " Missourie as a Health Resort,"
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material in profusion success in some corresponding
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produces in patients a condition of great, sometimes excessive, mental
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which I prepared for the International Pharmaceutical
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to her sufferings of cold and pain. During cold, rainy days in summer
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neuritis, there having been pain, motor paralysis, good sensation, dimin-
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finds the people of the plains living almost entirely
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those cases are shown as enteric fever in which the
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quantity is limited to two ounces, or enough to poison,
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places, of a proper means of disposal, dead bodies,
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It has been shown that 60 suffered from this disease ; of the entire
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carotid artery of a dog, produced in small quantities
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a yellowish or dark brown crust consisting of calcare-
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poison, which it appears to be of the nature of toxin
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entire district staff being under his supervision and
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Calcutta, has, by the genuineness of his work in this
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accumulated in the evolution of the Oriental races, so
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poison fangs having entered the dorsal surface. But
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lar disease. The last reconl I can find of a case of button scui vy
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tumour in a case of the black variety found in Italy,
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ties of iron present in the (Jarlsbad water, is said to
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No yes states : " In a large proportion of cases, some
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I need not tell you, gentlemen, that a branch of the
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sheds and dairies in the city of Lahore. H ere is what

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