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tainty of this, and when the part affected is easily
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where hygienic laws had been knitted to religion — the
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time up to the present, arsenic has remained easily ac-
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surgeon at head- quarters, or where there was a garri-
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gone through the " chorda dorsalis " and " branchial
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somewhat lazily to light. Accommodation unimpaired. External ocular
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was a village near Yushay called Htanbinzeit, the resi-
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drug, so that it fails to give the expected result.
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the living horse shewed extensive loss of substance with
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shewn in the Chilian War, where the MUnnlicher rilie
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In the second case two tumors appeared in the lower part of the left
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for the physiologists, who at least profess that the suffer-
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easily separated jt had no enclosing capsule. The impression it
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more, purulent deposits were not infrequently detected. From
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young women, who are more liable to it. The unyield-
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ruary 1st, the patient had a paroxysm of dyspnoea, and from this time
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it not been usual to inquire into the cause of every
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in the selection of criminals was that three previous
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weaned, whilst we know in the case of the other it is
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we could call forth reflexly an inspiration or an ex-
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some discredit has been thrown on this principle of
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lasted so long, though it frequently took a higher range.
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fair site was divided into seven thana areas for police, medi-
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roseolar rash. Dr. Lovell said that the anasarca was
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was no impairment of sensation or motion, no atrophy, no altered electrical
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(5) Each sanitary section was constituted as follows . —
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India contains the parasite. It may happen, however,
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sionally granular casts were formed. A permanent urinary fistula
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that in the post mortem room in Jeypore in a very large
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1 rbosphoruH one Krain, absolute alcohol five drachms, glycerine one and one-half onnces, spirit

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