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3. Anobyiostomiasis ) a smgle Case, ihe most common combmatioa
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This triangular-flap varies in size according to the
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unimportant role in the production of tabes. In this case the syphilitic infec-
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to excise. Another was yet more unfortunate. In a child, six years
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stances acute oederma of the brain is supposed to result ;
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chen. This custom prevails in the majority of Bengali
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fairly efficient apparatus, I bring to your notice a
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successful cases in detail. In all of them the diuretic action was excellent.
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fourteen days the fluid reaccumulated. • An exploratory puncture showed
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hole close up to the spinous process of the second dorsal
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steady the joint afterward. 4. The limb should be well fixed until healing is
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for this procedure for cases in which subsequent pregnancy should be pre-
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ply of warm clothing, both to men and followers, is
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soon be well. A few minutes later he died. At the autopsy the peri-
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loss of its activity ; (h) its " ichorous " look (c) its
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of India is my apology for bringing this case before
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rest has been unsuccessfully employed. If the patients come under obser-
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tics of Darjeeling, which have been accurately kept for some
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market of that town, and secure a complete set of the
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of 70,000,000, may not be required in the rest of the
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so that it is impossible to say whether any parasites
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feet, with pipes running four feet from the surface,
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scenery and healthful recreation are such as contribute
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satisfactory results. I need not go into the details
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liver cells are easily recognized, a few cells perhaps
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per mensem ; copier of letters, orders, etc., Rs. 100 ; his
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Sensation includes the sense of touch, of heat, cold,
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Depression of spirit was present in a considerable degree for
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him a probable explanation. These toxines might, or might
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