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paths and roads lead to fine points of view of the town
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Operative Treatment of Abscess of the Brain, consecutive to
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Coleridge justifies the practice as " a matter of sheer
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how it comes to pass that sewage farming is so much
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forehead a cone-shaped fungoid growth covered with a
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W^e are not, however, without Pome data as to the in-
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in private practice, 19. Besides, I have an interesting letter from my
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Cultures of these and experiments on animals with them convinced him that
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returned. Ten weeks from the onset the man left the hospital strong and well.
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at once admitted that as long as dissection was practised
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and duration of the treatment. Opiates, cathartics, and electricity have all
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and elastic in consistence, and are oftenest somewhat symmetrically dis-
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Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus. A few colonies of large bacilli resem-
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Rosthorn's paper contains a detailed anatomical description of this rare case,
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off, a white surface should be left, dotted over with
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syphilis does not exert even an indirect influence on a
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syphilis or a disease stii generis. Alibert was the first
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into the manger among the fodder. The seeds of abrus
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tion, for determining the amount of oxygen required
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Besides in all cases of suspicion the ai'ea of supposed
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Punjab, Municipalities are already required to spend 18| per cent,
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rise to a mistaken diagnosis of rupture. He had observed so high a degree
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jackets who took quinine daily had as much fever as
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diminishes, the fever goes off in a day or two, and the
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would account for the greater frequency of eclampsia in cold
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of a series of vaccinations, and how Dr. De Careo, of
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no cause whatever to account for this result. The centre
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has generally a craving for fruits, especially cooked fruits. Vege-
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upon the medical staff and hospital corps can be but
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rainfall was 90 inches with 8 inclies snowfall. Missourie was the

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