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this may quite possibly occur in a good and wholesome
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cular area on the inner surface is greatly prolong-
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Taking thirty-nhie^ of these cases the sum of all errors resulting from
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curvature of the spine, hernia, polypus of the nose,
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abundant, thin watery milk of low specific gravity.
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the individual, until its protective power has been
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%id. — The liability to the formationof an abscess
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In the three cases described, abdominal symptoms dis-
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evening 90, next morning 70, and perhapi- 50 the same evening.
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usually first reached in the early days of the second
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of belladonna poisoning, viz., marked dilatation of pupils,
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drinking water and to keep it free from pollution, to
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ensemble of cases having characters in common but which can be grouped
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the foot he tied the afferent artery. The growth of the ex
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1. Introduction. — The object of this paper is to
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year. They used to come in groups of 8, 10, and 12 ; the poison
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may be dealt with, not merely as in different substitutes
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circumstances, a modified quarantine is often perfectly
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days of the Indian Mutiny, officers trained in these
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largely than any other grain from low down in IMadras
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Physician, for the opportunity of seeing many of the cases reported in
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upon hooking this out, it proved to be the entire stapes.
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ing their habits and climate. He fully agreed with Dr. Bose
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practitioners, and we have to deal with local authorities
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portance with respect to the production both of cho-
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the sclerotic, and the more we move the incision to-
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Is^. — The pain produced by the introduction of the
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Several of the patients had had children, but they never presented traces
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circulation, as shown by the great loss in force of the pulse, diminished arterial
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ed its administration in this great Empire, Western
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of the kind were advertised very extensively in this

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