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were of insane or epileptic heredity. Of 233 prisoners
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presenting themselves were operated on and none were
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inhabitants, in order to prevent total destruction of
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method in the Civil Hospital, Amritsar, out of which
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population ; and (3) the ordinary villagers, including
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year. They used to come in groups of 8, 10, and 12 ; the poison
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care of a corporal or private of the bearer company.
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research and refer to all the observations which have been made in
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malaria, we understand that this truly terrible amount
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strictly speaking. Government servants, but they are
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contracted pelvis, when a living child cannot be born per vias
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^ Better tban trephining, as one may thiis chisel away the whole disease, or leave a strip of bone as
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always look forward with interest to accounts of cases
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cate the supra-pubic operation for lithotomy, while fully recog-
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United States in 1892, under the name of the " Pure
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ditions known to be produced by strong light and snow-blindness ; there is
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than two-thirds of the total of deaths in the country.
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appreciated, and that erroneous impressions as to the
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been registered in the office of the Commissioners. Any keeper
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The deformity is essentially a congenital condition,
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of the disease from contact with the sick. It was clearly evident that
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tained, many cases of enteric will be annually returned
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sanitary trains. (2.) — Improvised sanitary trains.
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usually first reached in the early days of the second
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Society in 1889, I put forward the view that the dis-
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carried out on right principles. But those who have
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any serious addition to the financiaLburden of the empire
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there is a fair market for grass and hay among horse-
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A man, aged thirty-seven years, was admitted to the General Hospital
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he is now. From this one example, we are not justified
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In the measures to restrict the general sale of poisons, a
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depots of all kinds collected for their use, and that
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Nizila sativa {Kalajira) is aromatic, tonic, carmin-

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