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(3) There will be a sufficient store of dry earth under

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Moreover, that which prevails in Bengal prevails more

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occurred in Sister E — , of the Naini Tal Convent, aged

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The second group of cases that I will bring to your

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the lobules consists of loosely arranged delicate fibres

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renal artery entered tbe outer border of tbe rigbt kidney. There

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Out of about one hundred cases in which we have used it here, it caused

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case the colour had vanished on the following morning,

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vinces of Prussia, and from that time it has hardly ever

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sionally it is weakened. Vertigo or attacks of fainting, with or without

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through the circulation in virtue of its antiseptic properties, or whether,

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will remain a prime difficulty until certain prominent

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occasionally a most excellent tonic in the later periods of convalescence,

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would doubtless increase both the rapidity and, more

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perature 99° F. The optic disks are pale, but show no sign of disease.

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were also 4 cases of laryngeal phthisis, 1 case of fibroid phthisis, and 1

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There was tenderness of the lower part of the spine

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the cervix. A living child was extracted. The mother died between four

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similarly situated. Briefly fourteen cases are recorded,

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up in the cerebral organism, those perhaps which have to do with voli-

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hospital. Here is probably a case of recovery after true bite by a cobra.

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and 13 females, while the remaining 28 were natives,

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explains by a fine specimen of special pleading, but does not say any-

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the skin. There would be no pit or cicatrization. In

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bable that some drugs, such as quinine and mercury,

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master mind, and placing them together in the progress-

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As regards the length of the incisions. My incisions

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slips out, the iris contracts, the edges of the wound

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membrane, and most of these seemed to belong to the group of micro-

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