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Government resolution on Dr. Waddell's report : — ■

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all delusional cases, the patients are persons of educa-

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France, and appealed to the Emperor to interfere, not

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practicable in all cases." The object of this paper is

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hyoscyamine. Its effects were far too like those of a club that simply

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history of the menopause " (as Dr. Skene expresses it), and the influence

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the acromion and on the thigh ; in these situations mammae are extremely

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defective is his articulation that I cannot understand many of his words.

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The sounds produced were very rough, and the cough "barky." The

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The patient was of an exceedingly wayward temperament, and much

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pendent of the amount given. The eruption is in the beginning chiefly local,

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glucin and 1 gramme vanillin, dissolved in 30 c. cm. alcohol. One or two

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disposal, especially if applied at a very early stage of the disease, pul-

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The sterling value of 87,704 pounds of quinine would,

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Dr. Simpson on the subject of the present organization

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Family I. — In this family there were seven cases, all

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of my cases. It began in one case in ten hours ; in a

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abnormal sensation of heat and cold prevail ; as a i"ule, it

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quent manipulation is, strange as it may seem to Euro-

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ously given may be taken as representina" expert opinion

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In Tabasco fevers are very common and phthisis rare,

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ing, and that the urine had been passed normally. An examination of the

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neglect has rendered it almost impossible for educated

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a nicety a large number of prisoners in our jails, into

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proliferation we also find it, as in ascitic fluid. With

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same time, nothing essential to a clear understanding of the sanitary

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« Suckling, Brit, Med Journal, i. p. 464, 1888. "> Cowers, Lib. cit., ii. p. 838.

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a sallow and unhealthy look, lustreless eyes, unhealthy

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one instance, in the corium, were seen small, granule-like bodies, which

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dans fear that alcohol may be administered to them in

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In only two instances of Kepler's series was pyopneumothorax present.

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essential ; antipyrin for high temperature is but rarely

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in the city of Peshawar itself, owing to the numerous

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kidney in causing Bright's disease. The hypertrophy of the

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gummy tumours, followed by indolent abscesses which

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