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immature lenses, it might be belter to take tlie note of slight
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Meat is also eaten daily, but only by the better classes.
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sure to the influence of cold, to repeated acute attacks in the hands and
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The period of death which has been reported in cases
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Miss Cobhe's writings are full of it. Now, it is surely
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projectile by anus. The plan of treatment advocated by M. Reclus is as fol-
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the different methods are given ; and the whole subject is characterized
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The case may be stated, as Dr. Byers puts it, in the
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selected, and the portion of its body from the umbili-
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of these cases with favorable results. In cases of infantile paralysis, however,
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Indian women than in European. As far as he was aware no
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an exploration in this region justifiable, though no
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most likely to have been the subjects of syphilis. Further, very fre-
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ed a certificate stating very briefly the natm'e of the
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nized lymph, the scabs being dissolved in a mixture of
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similar works by Sieveking, Allen, Levan, and Taylor. As a guide, it
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both legs. Blood was also observed in the evacuations.
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water, hot bricks, etc., placed in the bed are feeble, compared with a hot-
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the two varieties of fungoid growths. The microscopical
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stables, or both, as the source of the disease, although
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nor need the Act of registration be made unduly vex-
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for future ones, rushes wildly, heedlessly, remorselessly,
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This, I think, was favourable to healing by primary
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cholera appear within twenty-four hours of the infection
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window, and adopting a ncAV meaning of his own, to say
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provided with vocabularies and " exercises," writing out which may
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been repeated twice under the same circumstances and
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fractures of the thigh ; but it is a question of some
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the di-y Pnnjaub, alternately very hot and very cold as
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amyl nitrite withdrawn. Cold to the head is indicated, not to contract the
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6. That when dilatation of the aorta occurs, in the large proportion of
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by boiling, and that the vii'ulence greatly depends on
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very interesting. I regret that for want of time I am
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lower at such stations as these temperatures occur, and

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