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actual chemical constitution we are ignorant. There
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would have resulted if the number of medical officers
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and to dii-ect any person making such experiments to
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ing to express the thanks that it is felt are due to Dr.
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of those governed, and he encouraged us to hope that the Go-
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The huge big spleen, the weight of which is noted to be 116
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On 12th December he had difficulty in articulation ;
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with the officer in general charge, shall see that the food-
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menorrhagia probably, I think, militated against heV
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ward great tenderness at the seventh rib. There was dulness at the
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partly to fatty infiltration of the heart. In a large
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going on as well as can be expected, and I hope will
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extremely painful. Marked paresis in all attempted movements of foot,
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military commissions. It was also laid down that in
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That no arsenic or arsenical preparation recognized as
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called "cure" of snake-bite, in which the oft'^suding
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blankets were placed. Their bedding was practically
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well-marked signs of cholsemia, after the contraction
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shown, by such a local temporary mechanical interference with the circu-
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of by my friend and pupil, Dr. Kedar Nath Dass, for
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four pounds increase was quite common. One patient gained three
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cation was rapidly penetrating this material. A careful microscopic
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violence and what to poison ; nor are all the cases of
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of the rectum during the use of Petersen's dilator, and M. Despres stated
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works, and has vearlv ever since contril>uted liberally towards its
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if the cornea were the segment of the same circle, as
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detract from their real value. Some such arrangement
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concavity for articulation with the large convex facet on
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stomacli to enable him to give a positive opinion as to
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the second, third, fifth,_ sixth, sixth, sixth, seventh,
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medical practitioners and professional engineers second

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