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the carrying of the disease by third persons, domestic animals, books, letters,

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office battery, as usually used, is frequently too powerful, irritating, and

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activity. This is unmistakably shown by those cases

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periostitis, synovitis and other painful diseases. It

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diarrhoea, and without splenic tumor ; nine months had elapsed since con-

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of daily occurrence, any antidote which is in itself more

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permanganate will do little more than neutralize a grain

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any unpleasant effects. The diet should be unirritating, but not every

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mind is one of the most important of the diagnostic

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physis, many errors were diminished, but others were increased, so that

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spirit to the troops was prohibited and permission was

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time of the washing. I saw these cases from four to

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a trace of disease " in the brain, cord, or intra-cranial tissues.

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pointed the operator sorely. He was often heard to say

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change takes place in the distribution of the blood to

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modern character, the present number of charitable dis-

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of persons vaccinated by each vaccinator in the different

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grass, had to be deepened to get water enough for the

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Indian village milch cattle are often natural " foul-

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what pertains to the therapeutic use of the drug. And yet in moderate,

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that of granular pharyngitis, the posterior wall of the

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introduced in 1881, many of the parents crossed munici-

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remedies whether contained in the British Pharmacopoeia

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meet that all matters affecting health should be under

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healthy state of the country. But to come down to a

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of kneaded flour. After the needle is mounted in the

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regards sex, nothing new can be said. Sufficient to

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will mark an epoch in the medical history of the East,

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dose I begin with is ten minims, of this 20 per cent,

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because they are without value or importance, but because the vantage-

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rence of the hemorrhage is to be explained by the presence of an eroded vessel,

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made me a wire ecraseur, using the finest steel zither

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you that there is a rich field for exploration in the

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