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least in one of the most numerous and important classes of bone disease.

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have achieved and deserved professional reputation, whose orthography

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fresh grass shoes. But many neglected this precaution

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a battery of artillery or a regiment of infantry had to

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nature, having seen excellent and even surprising results follow the adminis-

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removed from the Bolan until the 6th May, several of

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tinguished from tlie venereal disease. He was shewn some cases

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detected by the Chemical Examiner. In another case, in the

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doubtful or negative, although the rational symptoms pointed plainly to

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to carry out his proposal of sending lymph by means

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there is during these days a distinct inclination to an apical tem-

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number of large calculi were found at the autopsy in the left kidney, the

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condition seemed to indicate evidently a sclerosis around the area of

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believe the truth of tlie story that all the qualifications

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Simpson slioweil that a knowleilge of the loss of health could

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ing was done for pain, in several with remarkably satisfactory result. In 33

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ovum dropping into the peritoneal cavity and the placenta attaching

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been satisfactory in every particular. The conditior s

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pitals and dispensaries throughout their districts. What

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recollecting that the dilatation of the os uteri is often

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the tropical sun. Besides malarial cachexia, from which

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One patient says that even such a small quantity as about

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evidently of a form in which only certain parts of the nerve are involved, since

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this class would justify us in the conjecture that it is caused by bacteria

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were ai'med with muzzle-loaders ; the second, the Franco-

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In the entire number the following abnormal conditions were found :

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and by some one or more particular species. Should such species,

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deafness may occur, which is distinguished from the deafness produced by

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seen, in most cases, as black grains in the wounds, and

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