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ator) be sent to the seat of audition through the agency of the sphenoid bone,
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a tuning-fork which will flare at the end of the tines, and be also weighted
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Dr. Theodor Kocher records { Corres^pondenz-Blatt fur Schweizer Aerzte^
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to add her milk to the store. " And he goes on to de-
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an excellent moral effect, and both the executive and
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not improve ; in 10 cases the cough was cured. In several cases in which
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took the disease except this officer, who had a severe
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there appears to be no marked increase of phthisis in
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the malarial origin, in the above sense, of any fever,
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Dr. Warren, after consultation, decided upon its immediate removal.
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wounded in all the divisions of the army was 90,000.
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the conclusion that, not only is there a definite local
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ficial distention of the stomach and colon (the former with carbonic acid gas,
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drui;- in any such registered shop or place, unless he be duly cprti-
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only be acquireil by special training ; that the supposition that any
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Only those presenting very considerable enlargement were noted. Of
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sion on them than any one person can by mere " think-
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cannot, at this stage, be considered a certain cure,
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It gives perfect stability to the reconstituted abdomi-
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follows : The sudden fall of temperature on the second day after
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that can be made upon this article is, that this opportunity should have
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lines. Both these cases occurred nine days after the
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of the membrana tympani. The etiology of this was rendered clearer by the
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Tliat a destructive irritation occurring in the highly
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on left side of face normal except in the temporal and supra-orbital
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media, which often goes on to suppuration with loss of
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germs, and he presumed the enteric germ would also suffer, so
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pine, in his exhaustive study of the criminal's mental
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The huge big spleen, the weight of which is noted to be 116
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