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giving CaCl2 . For instance, in the case of a hfemophilic
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out-patient, taking the iodide and bromide mixture. The
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it is before operation to decide the extent and nature
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perature 99° F. The optic disks are pale, but show no sign of disease.
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" bajra," " kambu." This latter is the crop of South
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is weakened from any cause, a measure of social convul-
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health, earning his living as a field-labourer, and he
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It is obvious that, according as we use the word in
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I have not intended to do more than briefly indicate
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Few of the modern antipyretics have found such a wide application as
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were of insane or epileptic heredity. Of 233 prisoners
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this question of " prejudice " alone considered, it showed the
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divided to tlio extent of perhaps one-eighth of an inch.
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ten feet being the general average even in the middle of
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though to a much less extent. The historical records give
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Viewed as a whole, however, the charts not infrequently
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will give his vote at crowded meetings as to the abolition
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portion of the arch, a fusiform and beginning saccular of the ascending
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showing the number of beds they are prepared to equip
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possess any stage in its life-history during which it
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slightly thickened. In those cases when the process is a rapid one and
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The quantity of the urine secreted by the injured kidney was, at first,
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of nature so fraught with obstacles to the surgeon, or deformity to the
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tissue, by chromic acid (which I usually prefer), with the galvano-
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the success of the Congress, and for his courtesy and
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fusiform aneurism of the aorta (not including the dilatations of the
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the cases later. The temperature was taken in my hospital
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steadily approaches completion the profession at large is to be congrat-
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surrounded with a bloody effusion. The bones were not diseased nor preter-
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struation. Purgatives, such as aloes, can not be regarded as true emmena-
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" lower hell " in goala feeding, it should be widely

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