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because it was mistaken for a piece of wood, which, it

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not forthcoming to work under the two-annas-per-child

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far better than any other pure hypnotic I have ever tried, is paraldehyde.

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more active than the other in the system, the symptoms

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Dr. Ernest Germonig, of Trieste, reports Wien. klin. Woch., Dec. 6, 1888,

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dysentery in 1890. Since then he has had constantly alternative

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which it is difficult to determine whether tabes is present, or a genuine syphi-

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preparing projects for water supplies and drainages,

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WoLTERiNG {Berlin, klin. Wochenschr., 1888, No. 38) also describes a gluten

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is evident that the disease arises from past acts of sin.

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this return of sickness, fled at once to the hillside, leav-

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scientific ophthalmology. We need our students to be

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covery has been made for fourteen years, that medical

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])ermanganate of potash in the water ready to attack

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tuberculosis occurs in women more frequently than is generally supposed,

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probably a simple tumour, and that it should be remov-

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deal less than one farthing sterling. By this step the

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than the original ones. 1 have seen many cases in which

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drawing silver sutures after healing in cases of deep laceration, but because

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quently identified by competent authority, are of ab-

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have a dull and weary look, and are ill with a disease

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and flat generally contracted cases. We ought not to expect a constant

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and for the enactment of laws regarding the possession

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sons for identifying the animal with the human disease are neither

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inocnlators. The difficulty (as to how the evil was

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that of man, beast or plant, forms rather the scientific

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It may doubtless be said that in all cases of suspected

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occurred or an annual average of 68*84 per million. Of

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Tihs t^ riff grain. In 17 there were no serious symptoms; among the 6

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heavy brain work and bad nourishment, high thinking,

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enjoyed both for several years, and held them at the

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