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he can reason about the crimes committed, but he can-

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allowed, I am glad to say, in any country under British

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soil or water up to 99' F. increases the activity of

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ed in the cold season ; the leaves in the hot season ; and

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In this there was total anaesthesia to touch, diflerenccs of temperature, and

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not seem worth while to do more than merely mention them here.

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too lightly regarded by previous speakers. He preferred a

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Dr. Schede exhibited, Nov. 20, 1888, to the members of Aerztlicher Verein

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mendations, or see that they are carried out, and unless

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at the same time, so that in an unopened bottle of soda-

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the rural population also use it largely : and even the

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ordinary course of a moderately severe attack of typhoid fever without

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days, and which followed a severe wetting. There was deficient expansion on

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the proper authorities in India and at home the mischief

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throttling, of a human hand. The lungs floated in waller, and the police sur-

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dence of its superiority to justify its administration in this disease.

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which should be open to the inspection of sanitary officers, and

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malaria, want of salt, tainted fish, have their advocates,

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inebriety to be classed as a disease, by the test of Sir Thomas Watson's

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Prison treatment should be no doubt both punitive and

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In the second case there were no complications until the fifth day, but the

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quickly by granulation, and 24 days after operation

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was generally favourable for operations in the field.

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eral maladies like typhoid fever, measles, diphtheria, scarlatina, etc.

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throughout the Peninsula ; but where it is grown, it

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the exact deviation from the normal standard of milk

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ordinary nutrient bloodvessels are also constricted, and the vicious circle

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at the time of the highest rise, and she was cyanosed. On the

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the present year furnish startling evidence of the unsafe

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Calcutta. The case is reported in Volume 26, Indian

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wall along the maxillary tuberosity, involve the retromaxillary soft tissues.

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will the extreme ranges of infantry fire be utilized ;

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