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although it is admitted that a stretching of the ligaments about the

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being all that tends to displace the globe, and requires to be met by the

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and distressing pain which may develop in any of the muscles, but is most

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disease in the Himkv/an hill tracts to confirm such con-

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all the interlobular veins there is an area of hepatic cells im-

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pean countries the price of vaccine varies from 1 to 22 1

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Schroetter tube forceps ; it proved to be very soft, and the hemorrhage

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sufficiently typical of the general or epidemic incidence

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contagious that it could be communicated by a simple touch, and

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months together he had slept under trees and explored botani-

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porary huts, which are burnt in a short time if the discharges

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description given is generally too meagre to enable one

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the Punjab, Central Trovinces, and Berar being cited in

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iodoform gauze ; adhesions were recent and abundant ; recovery followed.

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which is agriculturally an extension of the Bengal delta,

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On the left side, and an inch below the normal mamma, an accessory

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every great progressive measure introduced, much that

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labour, and artificial inteiference at third stage, a consequent

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poses by any law or regulation for the health, convenience,

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children and was called " amyloid, fatty or infantile

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changes exert their action in corresponding effects.

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cause of death ; for I find one only of those that died

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disease, based upon a very large number of cases. I

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In the second case the patient was an iron-worker, fifty years of age,

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sedative of the gastric nerves. Pieces of the friiit have

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United States Army. Authors and Subjects. Vol. IX. Medicine

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Where he did not find the worms he made the very nai've

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castes apd religions. Four of the fourteen cases terminat-

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within that zone. The strip of land should be grass land

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Classification of motives for ••• ... ... 509

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fibres. This explanation, however correct it may be

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Chapters II. and III., which treat of arrest of development, are almost

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removal of the night-soil and rubbish from the main site.

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with the success anticipated. Maki vaccination free (at

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