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these twenty-two cases there was a recurrence of the cancer in the cervix,

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into the intestinal tract. In this connection, it should

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of granular trachomatous bodies in the conjunctival

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ounces, sp. gravity 1028, sugar 2 to 3 grains per ounce.

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of these and other complex puerperal fevers, we require

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Diagnosis tickets were S3'stematically made use of, and

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The first symptom is generally pain, and this may precede any motor

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in the hustees of Calcutta, which very nearly repre-

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the excretory ducts participate in the general process of hypernutrition,

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the animal shrinking from pain if it is pressed. A free

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percentage of the profits derived from the sale of the

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beginners would be glad to know how to introduce silver-wire sutures,

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was made to raise water from temporary wells into cisterns

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ophthalmoplegia is joined to the external form (Kobinson and Hutch-

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The author's observations upon the period of incubation and the

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The presence of bony crepitus and abnormal mobility are the most valuable

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* I ana adopting this period ia my iavestigr.tioas on account

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be reduced to such simple proportions that it may be

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grasp and remove it after two or three attempts I leave

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or three months ; never until all irritability of the eye

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glandular operations ; and 3 out of 9 total extirpations after Kocher's method ;

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so is, I think, not stu-prising when the nature and extent

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genital malformations ; secondly, diseases of the external genitals (in-

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tissue ; whilst the edges of the irregular opening|through

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which may be accidental, muscular and articular pains

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stiff calico bandages were rather difficult to apply at

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retroflexion. This local trouble had been temporarily

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gir visited Tejgir on the 13th September, while the

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It is not possible for me within the short space of

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