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and as the result of his elaborate research much valuable knowledge
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be left to perish in large numbers annually from the
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and kept up instead. This lymph, preserved in lano-
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farms it was not adopted at first, but was subsequently
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recipe is : 1 cup of Graham flour; 1 cup of the best bran previously scalded
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is self-evident. In the Bombay Depot about 700 calves
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tirely to decide whether that view is correct or otherwise.
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The patient will sit for hours motionless, mute, and maintain a limb for
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mucus hiccough in the evening ; gone next morning to
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lumbar vertebia, and was about liaif the size of the left. It
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aqueous ; of the Graefe's knife, more complete control of the incision,
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and the analysis made by Dr. Van Geyzel, convince me
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for 3 inches down the trachea. Shortly after this the
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Madras, I find that from Provincial Funds the average
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disease better than anti-malarial remedies would enable
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Special reference is made as to the condition of the voice in connection with
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of preventible disease and death is actually caused by
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had met at least half-a-dozen cases in the North-West Provinces,
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a supposed intra-uterine polypus the hemorrhage was checked by the dilata-
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women are about equally susceptible to hypnotism. Although so much has \
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throughout India for further re-advance all along the
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ment of the patient, the better the chance of recovery, other
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supplied from the Elbe below Hamburg, and after it has
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danger from dystocia. Hospital cases, therefore, always include
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the instrument marked thirty pounds, showing a serious diminution of
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In conclusion, Duhrssen believed that violent leverage- movements with
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a large amount of manual labour. Later on inspection
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''The bones were chan pierced, even at the greatest
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cept in the generally contracted pelvis, the diminution of this diameter is
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abundant. Scattered clusters of slender bacilli were found in the pseudo-
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litic disease of the central nervous system, since there appear to be no symp-
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and he suffered from rheumatic pains, chiefl y in ':he

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