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nates in structure; always, however, with a tendency to pass into the

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with Vakeels the earning of a living in strict accord-

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the Calcutta Medical Society took a great interest in

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drawn to the different axes necessary in making the sections for the micro-

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except that the incision was slightly deviated to include the

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e^e. Dilatation, in the surgical sense of the term,

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insomnia in melancholia and in acute mania, I have given three and even

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induction of labor, reposition of the tumor, myotomy, and Miiller's ablation ;

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times associated with alteration of their ganglion cells in the cord. This

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At Peshawar, 1866, during the autumn, the different corps

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generally has to do some great thing in the way of ab-

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diate removal of excreta from the neighbourhood of dwellings,

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will be understood that I scarcely expect the process to

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made completely erect. 3. By complete extension of the head and neck the

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difficult to believe in a tubal location. Still, it would not cause any

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of persons vaccinated by each vaccinator in the different

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velvety. This difference in appearance is explained by the microscopical

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and recoveries 7 2* 7 per cent. Add to these 11, the

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Hanison that, during a recent extensive outbreak of

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obstruction of the bowels. They may result from external causes of obstruc-

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as remittent or as simple continued fever, with the

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Duiferin Institutions came into existence. Yet these

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characteristics of the previous month again prevailed.

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a point of importance to note that in all cases of severe

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well to suy that we ought to arrange them under one

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be water, toast and wate;-, or barley water, with one

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nence of urine for one day. The skin over the left trochanter and

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