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particular that, within the last year, no fewer than three persona

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however, and their number very few, no marked emacia-

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sore, which apparently scabs over very soon, but is

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to the sigmoid flexure.^ Maticki's case'^ is alluded to by the author, and

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combined with carbonic acid, and in conferring on tlie

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October 13, 1888) were successfully treated by two drachms of magnesium

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of the cerebral membranes is reported to have caused

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different villages and other detached buildings scatter-

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Kepler, Heyfelder,^ and Geigel,^ was the empyema in the right side.

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times im(ier the patronage of kings and princes. The

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office battery, as usually used, is frequently too powerful, irritating, and

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acre, so that the land may have the necessary periods

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His Excellency here made a deduction from practical observa-

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The patient, although unconscious, was very restless, especially

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defitdtions of some of the terms of the Act, but as it is

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attended with but little pain, and this is transitory. During the time the

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occur in four cases. One patient has eczema. Constip-

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death was attributed to malaria. Nos. 6 and 7, twins,

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opaque, spleen and liver appear normal. B icterlal exxmln/itlon — Mor-

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Case V. — Clinical hldory : Female, two years and eight months. May

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had dysentery in April 1892 and was cured in fifteen days.

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(showing the orifices of the ureters), the mucous mem-

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the past few months, this substance has gained a some-

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two forms, viz., hydrag. cum creta and hydrarg. sub-

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in the hopes of obtaining treatment, were rejected,

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was not paralysed by pressure. The thyroid was much

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thalmics, and never in the history of our profession has

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greatest variety of living bacteria, from the air, from water, and from

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Of the seven births, four were breech cases. She suffered greatly

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