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caustics used are the solid lunar caustic or the milky

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of leprosy in which the air passages are involved as

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diminished, and, if ventilation continues, they may

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from March 1883 to March 1893, and published in the

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the cases is herewith appended, and I will enumerate

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Dr. Edoardo Boccomini successfully extirpated September 25th the entire

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tried resection of long bones himself, and is unfavorable; but Mac-

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with the alarming result shewn on the chart. Ihe diarrhoea

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over, he has observed daily hemorrhages which showed a certain periodicity,

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careful measurements made of the overgrown parts at the autopsy, and de-

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sidered in fixing the standards for such articles which I

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Secondly. — The organization and close inspection of

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hard chancre, and on the 1st June a hard chancre was

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compound is, as in this case, not a sohitioii, but a mechaiiiciil

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that Marshall actually confounded cases of the latter with the

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poisons under legal restrictions has often been represent-

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ing purposes was also laid ready in cliaguls for the

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(5) The latrines on the site of the general fair will have

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of about 400 cases only six recovered. The diagnosis

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of the wall of sand in which the farm ends where it

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little, as the softened masses (or the contents of large cavities) are

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disease has also appeared in Burma and in the Andamans

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briefly Dr. Mueller's views on this matter ; the claims

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sues, and washing the stumps daily in antiseptic lotions,

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particles of p-eudo-membrane on tonsils. Dense voluminous membrane

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or thirteen officers to complete a service which would

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hemorrhage, it does not promote or occasion it, and may, therefore, be

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In obstetrics it is self-evident to anyone witli a modi-

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this is found in the noxious stuff, retained in the bleod through

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tremity in many cases ; it is commonly compact and fibrous in consist-

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DiDiER, {Lyon nied., July 8, 1888) arrives at the following conclusions with

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