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the minds of the Devas and the Asuras very seriously,

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sicknass in only two, headache and disagreeable feelings in one, and a

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Osteitis terminating in necrosis is treated very much the same now as

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extreme. The spleen was enlarged in all the cases, but

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or " regained." In 3, as greatly improved; in 17, as notably improved.

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electing me to the post I occupy to-day. I feel it, i

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Quarantine or restraint are impracticable and impos-

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the local authorities in India for their incapability in

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closely allied, that I describe them before entering on

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The continued stimulus of a hot climate on the nervous system

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arsenic, yet, as the channels of introduction are well-

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relieves iiTitation of the genito-urinary passages. In

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ther phthisis is rare or otherwise. Paludal fevers are

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abdominal origin occurring almost exclusively in gas-

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Chwamani (Allahabad) said he had been a diabetic himself

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siege of typhoid fever. Indeed, it would be remarkable if derangements

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of the bone and a small portion of the protruding shaft. But osteomye-

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his own knowledge much of tlie objection to vaccination was

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conclusion that the acute epidemic beri-beri is not,

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fighting-line consistently with safety. The coilecting-

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with the above injury, on the 26th July 1894, several hours after

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special action on the liver, stimulating it to increased

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world. I am able to corroborate this assertion by my

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with recovery was related in connection with the opinion stated.

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in the married lines : one on April 26th in the baud

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with its compulsory re-vaccination is widely different

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risy iu left lower lobe. Bacterial examination — Morphological : In the

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range beyond which infantry will not, as a rule, open

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