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four days, after which the bandage is discontinued, the
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mode of life of an Indian native household. There is
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grass, had to be deepened to get water enough for the
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known and constantly seen in all organs and tissues
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anterior surface formed by the left ventricle, and the posterior
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an easy means of seeking justice, in the shape of an
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other Ayur Vedic treatise compiled by Bhava Misra, a
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has resided in the place for some time can fail to notice ic."
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Bombay where it does not seem to be so prevalent as in
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about vulva. Eight days later, false membrane appeared on the
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locate it in any one part. The cough again became slightly prom-
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which rarely, however, amounts to paralysis. . . This may be in one
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aneurism was found — I. e., in 27 cases — 21 were saccular, 4 were simple
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the diagonal conjugate, and through it for the true conjugate, will be
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Of the 315 cases treated at the Jail I used the ordinary
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long list of patient researches on the etiology of diphtheria which pre-
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how, after her " conversion," she gave up fishing, but
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ments it is convenient to use the abbreviations sp. il. and cr. il.
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ed in a cleanly and orderly manner. A large boeiy of the
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body, even during the intervals. The pupils were strongly
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to each dose of the pot. iodide and the application
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constitutional syphilis, but only that local variety of
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It has one superiority over all other kinds of milk, viz.,
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beings of limited capacity furnish to prisons and scaf-
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bullet wounds, 38.6 per cent, wounds from portions of shells, etc. The per-
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the upper two layers of brick forming the top of the
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shastras permit the postponement of the marriage of the
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of the most ancient of these Sanskrit writings survive
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in lifting men from the ground, and the easiest posi-

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