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proceed ; and to submit to the Civil Surgeon weekly reports, and
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pura with fatal termination. The patient was a stout, middle-aged, able-
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April 1881, when the town was constituted a Municipality, the
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logy," 1893), whose book, besides being the latest, is one
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ligature was tightly applied, and wound incised freely.
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Zrd. — Lower section with iridectomy and laceration
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presenting portion of the cyst, about the size of a half dollar, was entirely
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with a current of between forty and eighty milliamperes, but considers that
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of tubercles under the skin on various parts of the
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this is intended to be taken with considerable limitation.
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It is instructive to consider the cases in groups arranged in the same
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castes, who often eat food bought in the bazaar, and
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without prejudice to their service. Thus, for example,
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(all were under canvas from the first), and forbore to
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locate it in any one part. The cough again became slightly prom-
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abstainers. As the average strength of the regiment at
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The want of accommodation, however, is still keenly
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While there are many gynecologists who will dissent from the theory
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be almost impossible to conceive a place more destitute of all
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sized orifice of the diverticulum. The position of the opening rendered much
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The cannabis Indica often increases the appetite and acts on the kidneys.
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ture was 100, pulse 108, and respiration 32. Pupils normal, no
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works and authors is extraordinarily large. The for-
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the discoloration of the skin indicated extravasated blood. On Novem-
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tallies with the Bgures in Table IV, collected by the
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for every Government area, wliere lymph in sufficient quantity
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tiegulations to officers of their class. The Inspectors
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good deal of suppurative cellulitis around the injured part with
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published in the "Journal of the Eoyal United Service
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improved markedly, the man recovered consciousness.and was able,
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not a sentient being ? Are their sufferings beneficent to

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