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assuredly factors in far greater play among natives in

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parallel to the case of a man who, without any pro-

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have died in the Medical College Hospital from malari-

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thus with no perceptible change for about six weeks,

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cinchona plantations in the Nilgiri Hills and in the

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found flaccid, ansemic and small, but Groodeve tells us it

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heard when a deep breath is taken. No special amphoric echo about

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And first, it may safely be said that the danger attending either

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an opinion on the fitness or the reverse of the water for

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appearances, and where the viscera do not appear to

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were made as to the effect of treatment, of more or less value. Of these

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revolutionizing mode of research the earlier results should for the moment

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found in advanced cases of this disease, are directly symptomatic of the

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feathers are to be worn, the pain caused by gag-bits

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wheat, and they use milk and milk products abundantly.

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modes in which the gouty diathesis manifests itself,

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artificial increase of bone-growth is based obviously upon the general laws of

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For the ends of justice, it is of course of the utmost

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not in the least modified by the syphilis. About this

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on outbreak at Dacca, where two European Officers died from

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turine and other alkaloids, as well as the cinide drugs

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quently the mouth is the focus of septic infection. Aspiration of septic

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the epiglottis and onward to just below the vocal cords ; no broncho-

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also suicidal, homicidal, and uncleanly lunatics ; moreover, some active

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A local reaction, similar to vaccination, took place, be-

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The disease began as a simple intermittent or remittent. " After seven

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from pollution. With regard to filters, the Macnamara filter was

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cases of extensive ulceration, fatal by sepsis or by pneumonia. Prof. Weigert

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one of whom subsequently died from the effects of the

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clavicle ; in the other by a median incision like that for

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