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liness of the infant immediately after its bii'th, are rue-
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surroundings to make his environments healing — these must necessarily
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fibrous state. It is at the periphery of the myxomatous patches where
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no further comment. They alone would give to arsenic a
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return to his house, he became very ill on the road and
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the nose from taking snuff with soiled fingers. During treatment of this
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entire plant, and the friuts have been used as medicine.
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pages, as was the case with the sick in general. Sub-
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imagine why it was confined to the genital organs only and to
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was practically no period at which the temperature remained uniformly low.
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a mild but continuous fever, lasting about ten days,
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not supei-vened, the advocates of the belief in the
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induces the frauduleut tradesmen to adulterate it with
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syphilis. That this seems to be the case is probable
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consideration with the fact that a similar increase is also appa-
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to another may be said to be an all too frequently in-
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cidental inoculation ; or, if its origin by importation
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on living horses, after each experiment the bodies were
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suigical point of view, is entirely due to Listerism,
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ed over with paste till a smooth surface is obtained.
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" I have no doubt that a sewage farm situated on the laterite
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The use of a hollow pestle filled with powdered datura
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ver}^ great — those on the Unionist side being at Antietam
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ing the inguinal set functional, as in the cow, mare, goat, and ruminants
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emptying of the bladder is absolutely necessary ; this may often be accom-
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these cases yielded to quinine as readily as the ague ;
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remedial agents used with scarcely any marked improve-
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