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ture that for many curable insanities no hospital can take the place of a

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complications, which demand a special and symptomatic treatment. In

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tlian the work of that quaint old cruel coxcomb, Isaac

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improve, and evidently was independent of the cough. In those in-

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Terai, but it will be sufHcient to give two or three only.

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not having slept or eaten together ; but the sores had

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objects to appear black ; the general hazy blur of the

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officers. He said that he had, in Jeypore, all the powers desired

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with success. The oil is laxative. "The powdered seed

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on 24:th October 1892 and died on the sixth day. Had had fever for

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the Mufasal may be organized without any very great

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use may produce insomnia, sexual debility, general ex-

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that a great many of the waiters who ate and slept at the

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in which an attack of melancholia occurs, is followed by mania, then a

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suitaMe for old hernia, which constitute the bulk of cases in

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Godlee, that an opening at the lowest part of the chest, where the cavity is

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with Scott's pocket volume in my hand, and if you will

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young and healthy. Whether it is a natural process of

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exposed parts most often the seat of the local lesion of diphtheria the

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used the same have reported it as very satisfactory.

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during which the application of carbolic soap was not

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follows {Deutsche vied. Wochenschrift, Nov. 1, 1888): The localization of bac-

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elastic bandage, giving rise to increased activity of nutrition of the bones and

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than to try and make his way to the rear, where the

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deafness in her right ear a year previous to consulting Dr. Muzzy. About

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where calcification had taken place, and a calcific plate had broken

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