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College Hospital, two being fatal, the third making a

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There was no laceration or wound of the scalp at the seat

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caused by fibroids ; 6 deaths in 9 cases are reported. Interference after labor

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is inserted in the mouth and tongue, these parts should

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bitten by a mad jackal, together with some other men, but how

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ment. One or two patients highly extol drugs prescribed

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notorious for their heavy mortality, and their virulent

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cated direct from the sick to the healthy, and that all

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Merck, a German product. Of the two products, Morson's is the one

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are liable, it is often of great and enduring value. I

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impede inspiration ; or in other cases where there is

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most important as a guide to treatment. Nevertheless, the enormous

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results. Fever and nasal aflection passing off within

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attention to their presence within the lobules among

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through disease of the vessels which supply these nuclei. It is also

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distended, death sometimes follows the inhalation of a

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parts supplied by one nerve or branch of a nerve, with special pre-

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well established, if we accept i,the aacnority of Stern-

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was ligated with a silk ligature, which included the ureter and the

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means of gas, were known to Shakespeare and Milton.

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lepers, therefore, usually come to Kashmir, or go to

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parable putrid mass, the lower jaw in the right side was

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of an instance in which a small sewage farm was started

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so-ne children of parangi parents are attacked with it,

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Mines, Rajputana, India) cases. This gentleman ma}^,

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of cases no dates are given. In a report on cholera

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cavity, but passed upwards and backwards to the wound

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needles, such as, madar, arsenic, mercuric chloride and

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strj'chuine and ether were tried but to no purpose. The man

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water. If chemical analysis is to be of any value, the

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