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Other instances, quite as flagrant, could be taken from the few pages
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That in rurjl districts, and where necessary in towns,
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intending pi grims to Hardwar, four of the seizures occurring
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leucocyptes is diminished, and their ranks are thereby
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every instance to provide a supply of reasonably good
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was recorded by Surgeon-Captain J. R. Roberts in 1890,
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that these ratios are essentially different according as
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that can be made upon this article is, that this opportunity should have
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The description of the disease agrees in the main with that given by
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. signs of the disease used to appear in the suckling
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Thiersch's method of skin grafting, and strongly recom-
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been seen several times at a place where the people
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bullet wounds, 38.6 per cent, wounds from portions of shells, etc. The per-
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lowed by symptoms of the passage of a body per rectum, and Morisani
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which a needle was found in the neck of the animal,
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situated among the pine forest of Siyahi Devi range
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work as a Sanitary Inspector. Inspection was absolutely neces-
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fissures of Sylvius and of Rolando is vague and imperfect. He places the
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the membrane readily detached under copious mucous secretion, and the
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He thinks that it will be a decided advantage if drugs
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direct source, such as unclean instruments or syringes, or, more probably, to
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and presented transverse and longitudinal furrows but no fissures.
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tions of eucalyptus in Ceylon malarial fevers were as prevalent
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Orellana) {Beng. Nathan). Excepting water, the otiiers are rare
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90,000 English and French were engaged, the casualties
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important actions only a weak morphine diluted by the addition to it of
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small and large gray and red proliferations of horny aspect, which occupied
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the sphenoid cells, and of the maxillary sinus ; one of the latter being re-
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thickened nor congested. In the tropics, the ulcers

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