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physician. Sir Andrew Clark, declaring that he " re-

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sugar 3 grammes, and sufficient dilute spirit to make 100 grammes. Five or

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Lecturer on Materia Medica at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Adapted to

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crystalloids but of colloids, fibrin, mucin and albumin.

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regard them as pigmented amceb* ; they are at any rate much

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rine water and three parts of distilled water to be used several times between

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watch the man removed from the operating tent until

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regnlations how careful the Company was to obtain good

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and indirectly on the system at large. The vapour on

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Disputes as to rank and standing in the service thus

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our fellow-officials of the Educational Department the

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Feb ruary, particularly the latter month, most were

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During the period of swelling of the meatus it is impossible to get a

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is surely less important than some enactment which would prevent

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is markedly deficient as regards operative details applicable to the femoral

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Case No. II, in which the right pulmonary veins open in the

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have formed that as they have been used they have often done more harm

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J have no doubt there are some here who have seen me use

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to cases which have resisted all the ordinary means of treatment, and in

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thanks of the members of the Congress were due to him for

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blood-serum plates were used— the agar and agar-glycerine being the

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dilator can now be opened, when air freely enters the trachea, and a tube can

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human and oalf raised lymph without objection. There

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him wholly, like the lunatic, from consequences of his acts. If he were

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implication of a joint, the intervention of the surgeon will certainly be

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Accordingly in the Tibia, given extensive osteomyelitis,

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bably few popular ideas which have not some foundation

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case now reported teaches, therefore, that the characteristic symptoms of

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very serious symptoms. It referred to a strong Kash-

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Rahima, a male patient admitted in the Mayo Hospital, Lahore,

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